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The Student Experience

Making it easy for the student

Easy student enrollment

Students use email or an instant messaging interface like LINE to enroll. The teacher just shares the course email address and code, and leaves the rest to ChallengeBot.

If students have not used ChallengeHub before, ChallengeBot helps them to get started. A handy QR code is also provided for the teacher to share, enabling messaging users to friend ChallengeBot quickly.

Teacher enabling studing enrollment for a course

Accessible and familiar

Email provides most flexibility and accessibility, while the instant messaging interface provides a more comfortable and familiar workflow for most students.

By typing intuitive commands in the mail subject or in a chat with ChallengeBot, students can easily manage their own progress through the course.

And with ChallengeBot capable of multiple languages from Europe and Asia, support for modern classroom diversity is built in.

The students' mail user interface

Efficient learning and teaching

With large classes, very few students get one-to-one support from the teacher. But all students get one-to-one support from ChallengeBot.

In addition to basic course management, ChallengeBot provides personalised information about progress and correctness of answers, all of which the teacher can view in real time.

The students' LINE user interface

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