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Our Features

  • Easy student interface: students participate on courses using email or a common messaging app such as Telegram or LINE
  • One-step enrollment: just give students the course code or email address, and they’re ready to go
  • Easy scheduling of challenges: group challenges into stints that are released at a specific time
  • Preview upcoming challenges: know what the students will see before they see it
  • Simple but powerful progress visualisation: our innovative teacher dashboard enables easy visualisation of student progress, allowing quick identification of difficult challenges and drill-down capability to a specific student—all in real time
  • Instant marking: students are instantly notified of the correctness of their answers
  • Student feedback: see student feedback and comments about challenges, facilitating pinpoint preparation for the next class
  • Multiple language support: set a default interface language for the course, and students can change it to what they’re individually most comfortable with (currently supported: English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Japanese)
  • Efficient course creation and improvement: challenges can be reused and improved on over time
  • Open education: challenges are open and will always be available to their creators, while students learn from ChallengeHub for free
  • Easy sharing of challenges with other teachers around the world: making course creation and improvement more efficient

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