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Using GitHub to Register for ChallengeHub

ChallengeHub uses GitHub to authenticate teachers

ChallengeHub does not store passwords, and instead uses GitHub for teacher authentication. For this reason, teachers will need to register an account with GitHub. This page walks you through the process to do this.

If at any time you have any difficulties or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to help.

GitHub is owned by Microsoft and has over 37 million users. It is safe, secure and free from spam.

Note that students do not need to register with GitHub. Only teachers need to register through GitHub to to allow the secure management of courses and view the progress of the students.

To begin registration, first go to and sign up by entering a username, email address and password before clicking Sign up for GitHub.

Github front page

Verify your GitHub account by solving the puzzle

GitHub verification

Ensure the free tier is selected and just click continue.

Choose the GitHub free plan

Ignore the questions and just click skip this step at the bottom of the page.

Skip the steps to tailor your experience on GitHub

GitHub will send you an email. Click on Verify email address in the email.

Once you have verified you email address with GitHub, please send your Name and GitHub ID (@myusername) to:

We will then connect your GitHub account to ChallengeHub. This usually happens quite quickly but can take up to 24 hours.

Click on the link in the Github verification email

When this is complete, you will receive an email from GitHub about an invitation to join @chablis-pilot.

In the email, click Join @chablis-pilot to continue. If you cannot see the button, you can access directly.

This will take you to a page where you can accept the invitation by clicking Join chablis-pilot

Finally, visit, locate your username and change the membership from Private to Public.

You are now ready to access ChallengeHub! First, visit and click Sign in.

You may need to log in to GitHub again. After logging in, you will be asked to authorise the ChallengeHub login. Click Authorize chablis-pilot to log in to ChallengeHub.

Upon first login to ChallengeHub, you will be required to enter your affiliation.

Now you are ready to use ChallengeHub!