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Active learning and ChallengeHub best practices

    ChallengeHub and Social Learning


    Social learning is one of the most important dimensions of the learning experience that universities can offer. But what is social learning? Why is it valuable, and how does ChallengeHub enable teachers and their institutions to enhance social learning in their classrooms?

    Launch your courses into the Course Universe


    At ChallengeHub, one of our key focusses is reducing the teaching burden.

    ChallengeBot is Now Available on Telegram


    From today, students can use Telegram to engage with course challenges on ChallengeHub. This means that as well as ChallengeBot being available via email and LINE, you can now access it via Telegram too.

    Announcing Challenge Universe


    Starting today, ChallengeHub users can search through challenges published by all teachers using the new Challenge Universe feature in the teacher dashboard. Find a challenge you like? You can easily import it into your library and be ready to use it in a course, or amend the contents to customise it for your needs.

    Why Start Active Learning with Challengehub?

    ChallengeHub Active learning

    Active learning typically involves a two-way interactive experience for students and the teacher, and while this is known to be more effective and motivating for the students, it has traditionally added complexity and been stressful for the teacher. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

    Starting Small with Challenge-based Active Learning


    Traditional lectures typically involve the teacher standing at the front of the class talking to the students. Starting small with challenge-based active learning generally means utilising ChallengeHub to gradually reduce the time spent standing at the front of the class, focusing on what is most important for the students and making the whole experience more efficient for everyone.

    Announcing Study Teams


    Starting today, ChallengeHub can automatically group students for optimal peer instruction in class. Whether there are 10 students or 100, desks are forward-facing or islands: ChallengeHub maximises class value by ensuring students get the most out of discussion with their peers.

    What Makes a Good Challenge?


    A powerful feature of ChallengeHub is the ability of students to check their answers in real time. Number and text-based solutions are supported which enable a variety of challenge styles.

    The First Two Classes of Your
    Challenge-based Active Learning Course


    In this post, we review the first two classes of a model course that uses ChallengeHub to facilitate challenge-based active learning.